Non Toxic -Chemical Free Products For Dancers and Their Families.

My Name is Stephanie Kemp, Artistic Director and Founder of New England Dance Academy in North Attleboro, Ma. After 30 years in the Dance Business I wanted to create products for my students that were non-toxic and chemical free. As dance professionals we ask our children to "bath" themselves in toxic unhealthy products including aerosol hair sprays, hair gels and toxic lipsticks. -I said "NO MORE", no more subjecting our families to harsh toxins, petri-chemicals, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances ! I started this company for the young dancer- but it has become a family affair! Now the whole family can enjoy chemical free personal care-I even have some professional athletes on board! All The moms "RAVE" about the lipstick! The non-toxic revolution in coming! Help us spread the word! Together We Can Make A Difference! Oohla Active Organics-Products that won't QUIT! Coming the summer! Yoga and Active Wear- made from Recycled Plastic Bottles and Organic Bamboo!

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